5 Great workplace wellness tips

5 Great Workplace Wellness Tips

Wellness at the office has never been more relevant than today. With the pandemic, the normal working day was challenged and from this came new norms, structures, and routines to optimize the most efficient working day from home. Now, slowly, employees are happy and willing to return to their office, but the importance of keeping and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important. That’s why we’re giving you 5 great Workplace Wellness Tips.


Although the pandemic inspired many to start cooking and baking way more (remember the sourdough bread-making period,) it also inspired many people to start working out more.

Being at home made it easier to squeeze in a workout either before or after working hours, or even during lunch break. However, now that more people are going back into the office, time to commute. etc. has challenged people to stick to the routines they were maintaining at home.

If it’s taking more time in the morning, scheduling in a quick 30-minutes in between meetings, or respecting the time to leave work on time to make time for a workout at home, it’s important to maintain or start a routine during the working day to move at least 30 minutes a day. Our Fraîche favorite: going for a run during sunset by the West-side highway, a soccer game with friends, or a good old pilates class.

Plan & Respect Breaks

Let’s be real – our lunch breaks sometimes are glorified working sessions. We’re so used to being online 100% of the time, having our phones on us, and constantly thinking of our to-do lists, however, we need to be able to disconnect for at least 30 minutes during our work days to disconnect and take a real break.

If it’s grabbing your lunch outside and taking a moment to sit in the sun while eating or grabbing a friend and sitting together to talk about life, we recommend respecting the time you’ve set for lunch or a coffee break to unwind and not work.

Clean & Sanitize

During the pandemic, there was not one surface that we didn’t over-spray with disinfectant. To be fair, we were navigating our way through a global virus that we were so unfamiliar with. Now that things have become a bit more “normal,” sanitizing and over-cleaning have also become a bit less important.

But why? It’s still so important to wash your hands after touching devices, before eating lunch and touching your desk/keyboard for the whole day.

We recommend sanitizing your workspace (if at home or work) every morning before starting work as well as at the end of the day. This includes the desk itself, your computer/laptop, keyboard, mouse, and any other object/surface that you are in contact with.

Eat Well

One of the most important (and exciting) parts of the day is what you’ll eat for lunch – are we right? 😆 If it’s bringing your food from home or going to your Fraîche Fridge to grab a balanced meal, planning on what you’ll eat for lunch is critical in your day for you to stay fueled and powerful for work.

Our favorite meal and snacks right now are from Mille Nonne and Honeybrains, for soul & brain fuel.

Create a Balanced Routine

It’s important that no matter if you’re in the office or at home, you take care of your routine and mental health. 

Studies have shown that having a daily routine has many benefits for your mental health. Try to schedule and stick to a similar routine every day to establish a routine. If it’s working out before work, meditating on your commute to work, or having lemon water first thing once you get to the office, make sure to stick to these good habits.

Remember – it only takes 14 days for you to establish a routine!

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