A day in the life: Sales edition

A day in the life Sales edition

Welcome to a Day in the Life of Alexandre (you can just call him Alex 😉.) Alex came all the way from beautiful Bordeaux, France to NYC earlier this year and is our super-star Head of Sales. He gave up a lot to start a new adventurous life in the city. With loads of experience and travel under his belt, he’s killing the game and we’re so excited to have him on the team.

How do you typically like to start your day at the office?

When I can, I love to begin my days with a workout. I either go running or go to my gym, if I go early enough, it won’t be too hot to run, but the NYC summer is no joke. I then get ready for work, and head to the office in Willamsburg. As soon as I get to the office, I make myself a coffee and grab something for breakfast from the Fraîche, my favorite right now is the frittata and yogurt.

What are your priorities right now during this quarter?

Right now the focus for the Sales team and especially myself is to get in front of as many decision makers in the city, helping them bring their employees back. The return to the office wave is strong right now and Fraîche is the healthiest and coolest way to offer employees amazing food right in their office. I’m meeting and speaking to a lot of people, going to really interesting events, and honestly trying to understand the market and people’s needs. I’m really happy to have a cool team supporting me on this.

What are you go-to’s for when you’re feeling stressed or need to decompress at work?

My biggest outlook on life is trying to be positive. I’ve always been like this and I think it’s extremely important to have a mindset like this, especially in a career such as mine, which can be extremely stressful and has many ups & downs. When I do feel overwhelmed or stressed, I like to go outside and talk a walk around the block. We work in a really cool neighborhood, so it’s also a cool way for me to discover some new streets. I also always come back to the thought that I am so lucky to be and live in such a cool city, and I’m extremely appreciative of that.

What time do your usually finish work and how do you typically end your day?

It really depends, also if I am in the office or in the city at clients, but I typically leave the office around 6.30pm. If I don’t have the opportunity to workout in the morning, I 100% try getting this in afterwork. Working out or some type of movement also helps clear my head and stay mentally positive. I also tend to go out with friends or some co-workers for after-work drinks, more towards the end of the week, haha. I’m also very happy to stay at home, cook dinner, and watch some series.

Fast & Curious

  • Favorite Fraîche meal? All and every type of our wraps..they are so good and filling.

  • Favorite NYC restaurant? I am still in the phase of discovering as many restaurants as I can, but my current favorites are Tacombi and Morandi.

  • Favorite thing to cook at home? Pasta, pasta, pasta x 1000.

  • Favorite sport? I am really a big fan of all types of sports, but my favorites are currently water polo, rugby, and snowboarding. However, since we have a basketball court literally 5 seconds away from our office, I have been quite interested in that, and going on the court and shooting some hoops during my lunch breaks with some colleagues.

  • Favorite book? The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dicky

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