The Story Behind Fraîche

The Story Behind Fraîche 2.0

The Genesis: The Story Behind Fraîche

In early 2019, Tximista Lizarazu, better known as Txim, had a vision for New York City offices. It wasn’t just about offering food; it was about elevating the entire office food experience while keeping it sustainable. Together with Paul, they launched Fraîche. Their aim was straightforward: use smart fridges to provide 24/7 access to fresh meals. Just as they secured some initial funding and started five pilot programs, COVID-19 hit. 

 Fraîche is our mission to nourish workplaces, while sustaining our future. It’s about creating not just the best but also the most sustainable food solution for offices. It’s also my passion for food that speaks for itself.

Early Milestones

Despite the pandemic, the first year was a learning curve. The team understood the food needs better, the importance of having the offices on board to support Fraîche internally, and the requirement to have top-notch technology for an innovative and convenient experience. They applied these learnings during the pandemic, preparing for the eventual return to office life. When that time came, they were ready to grow.

A Pivotal Arrival

In 2021, Julie Kurtian joined the Fraîche team. With her operational expertise and a knack for scaling businesses, she was the missing piece. Her arrival didn’t just smooth out the operations; it energized the company and set the stage for its next growth phase.

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A Natural Transition

By mid-2022, Paul decided to move back to France, and we reorganized the team. The transition was smooth, and by the end of the year, Julie had stepped up as the new COO and Co-Founder. Her synergy with Txim turned out to be a game-changer for the company’s trajectory.

The Heart of Fraîche: A Dynamic Duo and a Solid Core Team

Today, Fraîche is led by Julie and Txim, but they’re not alone. They’re supported by a strong core team that has been there through all the ups and downs. This team has been instrumental in Fraîche’s success, helping to build a resilient company in a challenging market.

Looking Forward

As for the future, Fraîche is hungry and has big plans, all rooted in their original mission: to make quality, sustainable food easily accessible in workplaces, thanks to technology. With Julie and Txim’s vision, leadership, and the strong support of their core team, Fraîche is well-positioned for an exciting journey ahead.

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The key to our successful work relationship is transparency, belief in each other, and complementary skills. Our core team fills in the gaps with their specialized skills.

Advice: Trust and transparency are the bedrock of any successful partnership. Make sure to find a co-founder and team whose skills are complementary to your own, and maintain open lines of communication.


Find out more about Fraîche and the team on our Instagram and LinkedIn.

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