How Bevi and Fraîche are Redefining NYC F&B Scene

Fraîche x Bevi

A Startling Fact: New Yorkers throw out nearly 3,000 tons of food every year and while each individual uses an average of 167 disposable water bottles (where only 23% of these bottles find their way to recycling.) Let’s take a moment to digest those numbers.

But we do have some good news that will kick these numbers to the curb… 

We’re more than excited to announce our partnership with Bevi, joining hands to reinvent the way our city professionals eat and drink at work. We are combining convenience with consciousness and introducing wellness-focused choices that not only rejuvenate employees but also resonate with our shared commitment to the planet.

Bevi x Fraîche

Our shared ethos is evident. Bevi’s mission, “Unbottle the Future,” harmonizes perfectly with Fraîche’s mantra: “Craft a Greener Future Together, Bite by Delicious Bite.” Bevi’s innovative smart water dispensers for still, sparkling, and flavored water, has already prevented over 400 million bottles from entering landfills. If you’ve been a part of the Fraîche community, you’ll know that our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and creating a greener ecosystem in the food game in NYC is what drives us. To put us in reference, with 1,000 companies having a Fraîche in their office, we’re talking about 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced each year – the equivalent of planting over 23 million trees!

Stepping into a Greener Tomorrow

Our partnership with Bevi ensures that every office has the most seamless F&B experience that champions environmental health. But we’re not just stopping at sustainability. Bevi’s Standup 1.5 Refurbished Program and Fraîche’s zero-waste policy to donate unsold products illustrates our joint endeavor towards a circular economy – every product deserves a second chance.

Fraiche fridge in new york offices

When you use Bevi, you’re saving more than a plastic bottle—you’re shutting off the oil needed to create it and keeping the air free from emissions that come from shipping it. Bevi users have saved over 400 million bottles to-date. Quite the accomplishment on your water break.

Bevi x Fraîche

What does this mean for NYC offices?

For businesses looking to promote a culture of health, wellness, and environmental responsibility, our partnership with Bevi is a win-win collaboration. Investing in a Fraîche fridge guarantees employees have access to gourmet, nutritious meals around the clock and with Bevi’s water dispenser, staff stay refreshed with filtered, flavored, or enhanced still or sparkling water – minus the plastic guilt. This alliance is not just a commitment to quality and sustainability; it’s an invitation to businesses to join a movement. A movement that says ‘yes’ to taste without compromising on values. A movement that understands the importance of every meal choice in shaping our planet’s future.

Fraîche x Bevi

When it comes to choosing your food or catering provider, keep these numbers in mind. Consider the impact that Fraîche [and Bevi] is having versus all other options out there. We’re not just serving meals; we’re serving a vision, a commitment, a promise to our planet.


  • Saved over 400 million bottles to-date.
  • Using Bevi reduces a company’s carbon footprint and saves about 50,000 plastic bottles a year.
  • Bevi’s composting initiatives in their own office have saved over 3,800 lbs. of food waste and 2,700 lbs. of greenhouse gases.
Standup 2.0 04


  • Current carbon emissions for 2022 stand at 212t of CO2 per $1M of revenue.
  • Choosing Fraîche leads to a reduction of 1.5 tons of carbon emissions per employee annually. For a company with 1,000 employees, this means 1,500 tons saved each year.
  • Donated close to 10,000 meals last year, ensuring every unsold item finds a second purpose.
Bevi and Fraîche: Pioneering Green F&B Solutions in NYC

Conclusion: A Partnership with a Promise

n the grand tapestry of sustainability, each action, no matter how small, contributes to a larger, collective impact. Both at Bevi and Fraîche, we are not only providing a service, but are pioneering a path toward a brighter, greener future. Bevi and Fraîche, in unity, are on an audacious mission. Beyond NYC’s skyscrapers, our vision spans our entire planet. For every saved bottle and sustainably-curated meal, we rewrite the sustainability script, influencing one office at a time.Let’s change the future together one bite and sip at a time.