Top 5 Snacks at Fraîche

Top 5 Snacks at Fraîche

Snacks are a big hit – anywhere and everywhere. At Fraîche, we track data to optimize what goes in every fridge so that employee can have the perfectly curated menu to choose from. We love partnering with premium brands that share similar values to food quality than we do, so check out the current Top 5 Snacks at Fraîche right now!

1. La Fermière Yogurt

Savor the richness of La Fermière yogurt, in your workday and get the energy and happiness you need. The French may say yogurt is more of a dessert, but all flavors from La Fermière, like their original Pressed Lemon to their seasonal Chestnut, are sold out by the end of the day. Their yogurts and desserts are crafted with premium ingredients, offerings a velvety texture and authentic taste. Another reason why they are fan favorites is for their cute ceramic pots that can later be re-used for an array of different things!
top 5 snacks at fraiche

2. Berry Parfait from Épicerie Boulud

Another debatable “snack” however Épicerie Boulud granola parfait is not only consumed at breakgast, but also for an afternoon delight. The reason that the Berry Parfait is one of the Top 5 Snacks at Fraîhce is because of the delightful blend of fresh berries, house-made granola, and creamy yogurt. 
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3. RUANI Brownies

A gluten-free, vegan, and good-for-you brownie? Seems too good to be true, but trust us, RUANI brownies bring a sophisticated twist on the classic brownie treat. These brownies are made with premium ingredients including ashwaganda making it a gut-friendly brownie that employees can’t get enough of.
Top 5 Snacks at Fraîche

4. Harmless Harvests’ Organic Cultured Coconut Yogurt

Another yogurt but diary-free, Harmless Harvests’ yogurts are fan favorites, especially in the summer months, as people are looking for a light and milk-free option for a snack. These yogurts are sourced from organic coconuts, making it a probiotic-packed snack offering a perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess for a naturally wholesome experience.
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5. Organic Smoothies from Remedy Organics

Looking for a quick pick me up but on the go? One of our new fav’s at Fraîche are Remedy Organics plant based and protein rick smoothies that are non GMO, gluten-free, diary-free, and vegan, whilst still tasting amazing. From the Berry Immunity flavor to the OG Cacao Essentials, all wellness shakes are a fan favorite.