Restaurant review: The Four Horsemen

Restaurant review NYC four horsemen

We went to the Four Horsemen. A Michelin star restaurant located in Williamsburg, Grand St. and well known to most New Yorkers for its natural wine selection and changing menu.

Restaurant review NYC four horsemen
Restaurant menu NYC four horsemen

Like many of you, we’ve heard a lot about it and luckily the Fraîche office is located just a block away. As real foodies, we had to make our own experience and spend an evening there to share our thoughts with you.

The place?

The place is amazing.

The vibe is cozy, welcoming and not overwhelmingly noisy. The main room of the restaurant has a subdued atmosphere and in the back you can see the kitchen – which is very nice because it is important to create a contact between the customers and the chef and cooks, and not only between the waiters and the customers.

We were placed at the bar, and we were facing the ballet of the preparation of cocktails and all the different bottles of wine.

Interior of The Four Horsemen restaurant NYC Williamsburg

Not too noisy and not too quiet, welcoming and charming, it’s a great place to dine with friends or solo at the bar – as many regulars are used to do.

People in The Four Horsemen restaurant NYC Williamsburg

The people?

We were very well received and advised on food and wine. The bartender’s advice on wine was very specific. She suggested different wines and let us taste some. In the end we decided on a natural white wine that went perfectly with our food. The bartender also took the time to answer our questions and tell us a little more about the history of the restaurant, which was originally just a wine bar with small bites to share, which became a full-fledged restaurant over time.

A staff that listens, smiles and not too stuffy (which we appreciate for a New York restaurant!)

The Food?

The food was great! We walked in with high expectations for the food and taste and we were not disappointed.

We highly recommend sharing everything! Not because sharing is caring (that’s the basics!) but because you HAVE to try the entire menu!!!

Our favorite dish:

Our favorite dish: The peppers.

Peppers The Four Horsemen
Peppers 2 The Four Horsemen

Our coup de coeur:

Our coup de coeur: The chocolate cake! (After hesitating and changing our minds five times, the chocolate cake was definitely the right choice! Absolutely crunchy on the outside but so mellow on the inside. All my childhood memories came flooding back.

Chocolate cake The Four Horsemen
Plate 3 The Four Horsemen

Would we recommend the place?

For the atmosphere and history behind the restaurants, we definitely recommend an evening at the Four Horsemen. A warm welcome and an intimate place where time flies and love is shared over a perfect selection of wine to pair with your meal.