Reducing Turnover Rates in NYC Hospitality Industry

Turnover in hospitality

The Importance of Employee Benefits and Quality Food, in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry in New York City is notorious for high turnover rates. According to a report by the NYC Hospitality Alliance, the turnover rate for hourly employees in the city’s restaurants and bars is 75 percent. This means that three out of every four employees leave their job within a year.

Reasons for high turnover in the hospitality industry

There are several reasons why turnover is so high in the hospitality industry. Firstly, the work can be physically demanding, with long hours on your feet and a fast-paced environment. Secondly, the industry often pays low wages, making it difficult for employees to make ends meet. Finally, there is often little room for career advancement, making it hard for employees to see a future in the industry.

Reducing hospitality turnover rate

One way that employers can reduce turnover is by offering employee benefits. Providing benefits such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans can make a big difference in retaining employees. A study by Glassdoor found that 79 percent of employees would prefer new or additional benefits to a pay increase.

Providing quality food can also have other benefits for employers, such as increased productivity and improved health among employees. A study by the World Health Organization found that unhealthy diets can lead to decreased productivity, while a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can improve cognitive function and energy levels.

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Healthy food options for employees

Some employers in the hospitality industry in NYC have already recognized the importance of providing quality food to their employees. For example, Union Square Hospitality Group, which owns several restaurants in the city, provides family meals for their staff every day. These meals are made with high-quality ingredients and are designed to be nutritious and satisfying.

A recently opened luxury hotel in the Tribeca area with over 200 employees is using Fraîche to feed their employees in the healthiest and most fresh way possible. Many times, vending machines and low-quality food options are available in break and lunch rooms, but with Fraîche, employees in this hotel are getting instant access to meals from spots they would not normally otherwise and is having a great affect.

In conclusion…

In NYC are a significant problem that employers need to address. One way to reduce turnover is by offering employee benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans. Providing quality food to employees can also have a positive impact on turnover rates, as well as other benefits such as increased productivity and improved health. Employers who prioritize their employees’ well-being are likely to see a positive impact on their business in the long run.

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