A Day in the Life as a Fraîcher: Tech Edition

Day in life Fraîche Tech Edition

Another “episode” of our “A Day in the Life as a Fraîcher” series is highlighting our beloved CTO, Gauthier Depierre. Although Gauthier is a few hundred miles away from us, living in beautiful France, he is still a part of our every day routine. Fun fact about Gauthier: he studied Marketing and his previous jobs in Marketing/Branding led him to the dark side (we mean the tech side of course.)

How do you begin your day?

I tend to wake up just before my alarm clock and the first thing I do is coffee! Then I like to go for a quick walk to the bakery or so, it helps me organize my day.

Once you get to work – what’s your typical routine like to start your day at the office?

On my way to the office, I like to walk into a new coffee shop and roam around town a but to see new restaurants and shops and ask them about their stories. I love to discover new places and potential partners for Fraîche. When I get to the office, I like to have a chit chat with other Fraîchers, generally around our office Fraîche fridge for a brownie or anything else. This way I can have some spoilers about the next food partner we’re planning to work with, or what marketing is planning to do this day!

What’s your process on innovating the tech aspect of the Fraiche fridge?

First, everything has to be though from the field – the user decides, either the team or end-users are source of an amazing feedback that drives our tech roadmap. As a young company, we continuously learn and adjust our tools, processes, and prioritize new features based on the voice of our beloved users 🙂 We also watch closely the tech market for new solutions and test and lot of things for the short, mid and long run. Besides this, organization and prioritization is the key!

Can you share any future plans or projects you’re working on?

Sure! First, a very simple but powerful feature is on its way: company credits! We are working on making a better team experience through credits distributed on the Fraîche app on a daily basis. Office Managers will be provided a Dashboard to check, update and add more team members and credits more is coming up…!

When you’re in NYC, what do you like most about the days in the office with the rest of the team?

Love the friday afternoons dedicated to team tastings. I tend to just go blind and try everything that’s on the table without looking at the design. Then when I got the taste, I look if the packaging works with it, and so on. A good way to discuss tastes that are so diverse across the team!

Fast & Curious

  • Favorite Fraîche meal? Pasta Bolognese from Le Botaniste
  • Favorite NYC restaurant? The Four Horsemen is amazing, and I also love La Superior
  • Favorite meal to cook at home? I like to cook Quiche Lorraine (similar to the one we have in the Fraîche Fridge) and homemade bowls with anything that I have left in the fridge!
  • Favorite sport? Basketball
  • Favorite book? Not a book but an author, I’ve been Transported by Cizya Zikë, crazy stories since many years – absolutely love it.
A Day in the Life as a Fraîcher