A day in the life: Marketing Edition

a day in the life: marketing edition

Welcome to another A day in the life: Marketing Edition, with Charlotte, our Head of Marketing! Swiss but born and raised in the Bahamas, Charlotte (nicknamed Cha Cha) joined the team in in 2022. With her youthful ambition and talent, she’s the superstar who infuses creativity into our office and nurtures relationships with all Fraîche users.

Tell us about your background! We know you’re one of the only non-French at the company, haha, how is that?

I am indeed the only non-French, actually this changed this summer with some newcomers. I originally am Swiss (German side) but was born and raised in the Bahamas.

How did you end up with Fraîche?

I have worked in the food-tech industry in Switzerland and after about a year or so living in NYC, I discovered Fraîche and resonated a lot with the product and mission behind it. Long story short, I started almost 2 years ago and can’t believe how much we’ve grown since!

Once you get to work – what’s your typical routine like to start your day at the office?

I like to get to the office early so that I have some quiet time before the office fills up and emails start bombarding me, haha. I normally make my first coffee and start working. Normally I have a few meetings a day or go around the city to clients or events. Every day is different and that’s what’s so exciting!

What’s your favorite part about working at Fraîche?

Connecting with so many different types of people and companies makes every day so interesting. Also, the fact that we’re on this incredible journey being the most sustainable food option for companies, is really exciting. It’s meaningful to work for something that not only is a great product but also has minimal impact on the planet.

Can you share any project you’re currently working on?

Currently I am organizing our first community impact day with our partners at One Love Community Fridges. We’re gathering people from different industries and companies in our community to pack & deliver over 500 bags of produce and meals to distribute to community fridges around the city. It’s exciting to bring together different profiles, partners, and suppliers in an exciting day of impact!

What time do you usually finish work and what do you do afterwards?

Depending on the day, I normally leave around 6.30-7pm to go to a workout or meet friends for dinner plans. Now that the summer days are so long, leaving the office in sun is amazing.

Fast & Curious
  • Favorite Fraîche meal? Migrant Kitchen Za’tar Salmon dish. 
  • Favorite NYC restaurant? So hard to choose only 1 but my current obsession is Cervo’s in the Lower East Side
  • Favorite meal to cook at home? Pulled pork tacos. 
  • Favorite sport? Pilates & tennis.
  • Favorite book? Don’t have 1 favorite either but the last one I read was “Defining 20’s”
a day in the life: marketing edition