Why we should be eating by the season

Why we should eat by the season

At Fraîche, all our recipes are made with seasonal products. Eating with the season indulges health benefits and tastier food. One of the main reasons why we only cook with seasonal ingredients is also because it is better for the environment. Lastly, eating seasonal products also has the benefits of saving you money. 

Love your body

 Around the world, only 30 plant species make up 95 percent of the calories people eat and within those 30 species, we eat fewer varieties of vegetables and fruits than people did 100 years ago. The reason behind this is because the industrial agricultural system mainly relies on fruit and vegetable types surviving long-distance transportations and long-term storage. 

Eating seasonal and locally-sourced food helps the body to adapt to the environment and enables people to eat a wider variety of products with better nutritious crops. Indeed, products grown and consumed during their respective seasons are more nutritionally rich. A study from the NCBI monitoring the vitamin C content of broccoli showed that broccoli grown during its peak season (fall) had a higher vitamin C content than broccoli grown during the spring. Put it simply, eating ingredients during their appropriate seasons preserves all their dietary nutrients and natural vitamins and helps us have a balanced and enriched diet. 

The Tastier the better

Have you ever noticed the difference between tomatoes grown in a summer garden and the ones you buy at the supermarket in winter? The first ones taste sweeter right? The main goal of the agricultural system is to provide a large volume of products to meet the high demand. Unfortunately, this means prioritizing quantity over quality and explains why a lot of ingredients, especially fruits and vegetables, lack their flavors. 

The tastier the better

Local farmers markets and producers are the best spots to find seasonal flavorful products at a way more reasonable price that you might think of. Visiting those markets and walking among the produce shelves will make you discover new veggies, fruits and all sorts of other seasonal products. Simply walk around, meet passionate farmers, open your mind, eyes and be creative. Think about all these new recipes and delicious meals you’ll be able to try! 

Cherish your planet


The Farm Project (site)

Cherish our planet

Eating local and seasonal ingredients has a strong positive impact on the environment. Before being stocked on the shelves of your grocery store, this juicy eggplant or sweet mango had to travel a long way. Arriving by car, boat or airplane, the effect of this long-distance travel includes a significant fuel and CO2 emissions causing harmful consequences on climate change and the environment.

Eating seasonal products also means that fewer pesticides were sprayed on them since they have to travel a shorter distance to reach your local farmers market or grocery store and then to your plate. Eating local and seasonal goes hand-in-hand and is the most eco-friendly option enabling you to enjoy fresh and flavorful ingredients. 

Be gentle on your wallet

When a fruit or veggie is in season, it’s not rare to find it available at a lower price because you’re eating a product at its peak availability. Craving watermelon in February will make you pay twice as much as you would in July since watermelon is in season during the summer. The supply is hence higher, driving down the price. Buying in-season products is one of the main tips that will help you save money when grocery shopping ! 

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