Wellness Perks to Inspire Employees at the Post-Covid Office

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Along with post-Covid protocols and enhanced social distancing employers are turning to revolutionary methods to encourage their employees to look forward to their return to the office.

Some are coordinating fitness and health challenges that unite remote and in-person employees. Others are exploring new ways of socializing and lunch programs, such as the fridge offered by Fraîche.

Fraîche empowers employers by providing their employees with convenient access to healthy meals while supporting sustainable causes and the local economy. You can learn more about us here.

One thing that seems to be missing from the post-Covid office is the spontaneous interaction between coworkers: research has found that this is key in employee engagement, helping to develop crucial relationships with coworkers and facilitating informal communication. Lunch breaks can reconcile this need and have shown to improve mental health, productivity and creativity of employees while contributing to positive company culture.

In today’s world, wellness and health have many layers— with so much on employers’ minds it can be difficult to figure out where to turn next and what life at a post-Covid office will look like.

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Fraîche combined a few key benefits of returning to the office

Fraîche combined a few key benefits of returning to the office:  

  1. Flexibility and autonomy
    • Employees can apply the skills gained in remote environments to an office climate with increased independence and adaptability 
    • Movable seating and reduction in conference rooms contribute to a more comfortable office
  1. Opportunities for interaction in the office through lunch and other breaks
    • Employees can utilize new offerings like the Fraîche fridge and other office features and perks that encourage spontaneous interaction and informal meetings
    • Flexible lunch hours to encourage social distancing
  1. Safe office spaces and support:
    • Social distancing protocols and reconfigured office spaces
    • Employers can provide protective gear such as masks and plexiglass dividers
    • Screening tools such as temperature checks and health apps that allow employees to monitor any potential symptoms and communicate their concerns

These benefits help employees adjust to the new normal that is the post-Covid office and even enjoy some perks, too.

Fraîche is here to help!

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