The ultimate brunch spot in Greenpoint


Five Leaves is the American brunch bistro in its purest form. Located on one of Greenpoint’s most vibrant corners around MacCarren Park. And with Beacon’s closet, (one of NYCs favorite thrift stores), street dressing vendors, and Brooklyn record exchanges around the corner, there’s no shortage of activities and entertainment around you while you add your name on the waiting list on a nice Sunday morning.

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We sat outside on a rainy Sunday and ordered (way too much) for three. But we needed to test every single thing on the menu because e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. looked so delicious (plus, we decided you needed an objective opinion on this famous BK Brunch).

To start:

We ordered coffees and we were not disappointed! Very tasty and good to know: they also do a stand where you can just grab a drink and homemade pastry (croissant, aussi roll or even a spicy chicken pie).

Our Order?

  • Two sage scrambled egg sandwiches
  • A portion of their famous fries
  • The farmhouse chicken sandwich
  • The big brekky with scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, hash browns and 7 grain toast
  • The famous ricotta pancakes
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The party started with our two Sage Scrambled Egg Sandwiches.

The perfect twist to the old egg sandwich we all knew as children. Very simple – just the way we like it – soft scrambled eggs and the perfect amount of sage topped with melted aged cheddar and mayonnaise. The bonus? The fresh and airy buns were the perfect combination that made us feel the relaxed Sunday morning.

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The Farmhouse Chicken Sandwich

was served on a toasted sourdough bread, and the chicken was on point! Tender, moist, and juicy, just the way we like it!

The fries were also very good – thin yet crispy 😉

As for the Big Breakky,

we decided to add avocado and bacon, but you can choose two sides to go with the eggs and hash browns. The avocado was fresh and the bacon perfectly cooked, not burnt but as crispy as can be. Our favorite here: the hash browns, not too oily and thick, so we could really enjoy the taste of the shredded potatoes.

And the king of desserts!

After we could barley move, we couldn’t resist to try the star of this place and the reason we decided to go: the ricotta pancakes! Three layers of pancakes topped with honeycomb butter and bananas nestled between the layers of pancakes. The whole plate was filled with strawberries, berries and 100% maple syrup! The ricotta made them perfectly sweet and creamy and the melted butter, fresh fruit and maple syrup were a perfect balance!

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There are different tricks to make soft pancakes (trust us we tried) however the ricotta when correctly used, will give you a master piece like this. A wonderful result and a perfect dose of love for your Sunday!

Our advice:

If you’re having it for dessert (to share or not!), order it at the end of your main courses, because you really want to eat them warm with the melted honeycomb butter on top!

To conclude:

Our only advice is not to get there too late with the risk of missing out on the brunch menu. After 3pm, 5 Leaves stops serving its legendary brunch and insane pancakes. Whether it’s for a casual or rainy Sunday or an event, Five Leaves will never disappoint you with its brunch. The various choices will make the whole table happy! And the ricotta and berries pancakes are as fluffy as they are delicious, on three levels it’s a must have!