New at Fraîche: Say Hello to Green Top Farms!

New at Fraîche: Say Hello to Green Top Farms!

New at Fraîche: Say Hello to Green Top Farms! In the heart of New York City, where the urban landscape meets the bounty of nature, a new culinary collaboration is blossoming. We at Fraîche are thrilled to introduce Green Top Farms, our latest partner in redefining office dining. This alliance goes beyond mere food offerings; it’s a symphony of local flavors, sustainable practices, and a shared vision for healthier communities.

Green Top Farms: From Farm to Your Table

Back in 2014, a teacher with farming roots decided to blend city living with farm-fresh eating. That’s how Green Top Farms was born – with a simple idea to connect local farms with our city’s vibrant communities. They started small (think microgreens in a closet!) but have grown to bring wholesome meals to folks all over NYC.

Say Hello to Green Top Farms!

Hey Fraîche family! We’ve got some fresh news to share. Meet our new partner, Green Top Farms – they’re all about bringing farm-fresh, nutritious meals straight to your office. It’s a perfect match for us at Fraîche, where great taste meets healthy eating.

Their Food Philosophy

What’s cooking at Green Top Farms? Think about a mix of all the good stuff – local ingredients, nutrient-packed recipes, and a whole lot of love. Their team, led by the talented Chef Anup Joshi and Chef Wendy Toribio, is all about keeping it fresh, nutritious, and oh-so-tasty.


We Love Green Top Farms

They’re not just about good food; they’re about doing good. Supporting over 85 local farms means every bite you take supports our community’s farmers. Plus, they’re big on sustainability – and you know how much we love that at Fraîche!

What’s on the Menu?

Get ready for a menu that changes with the seasons and always surprises. From crunchy salads to heartwarming soups, Green Top Farms brings a bit of countryside flavor right into our urban jungle. And the best part? It’s all part of your regular Fraîche lineup.

Joining Forces for Good

This partnership isn’t just about delicious meals. It’s about joining forces to feed more than just hunger – we’re feeding a movement. A movement that cares about where food comes from, who makes it, and how it impacts our planet.

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