Breads Bakery: NYC’s favorite bakery now available at Fraîche

Breads Bakery: NYC's favorite bakery now available at Fraîche

Breads Bakery: NYC’s favorite bakery now available at Fraîche. We know, sounds too good to be true! But it indeed is true, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the news. Read a bit more about Breads Bakery below and how they NYCs most quintessential bakery that everyone knows and loves.

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A Quintessential NYC Bakery

Breads Bakery, founded in 2013, has become synonymous with fresh, high-quality baked goods that capture the heart and soul of New York City. Located in the vibrant Union Square neighborhood, Breads Bakery is renowned for its artisanal approach to baking, combining traditional techniques with innovative flavors to create a range of products that are both nostalgic and exciting.

Whether it’s their famous chocolate babka, which has earned a cult following, or their delectable selection of breads, pastries, and savory items, Breads Bakery has something to delight every palate. Their commitment to using the finest ingredients and their dedication to craftsmanship have earned them a loyal customer base and a reputation as one of NYC’s finest bakeries.

A Perfect Partnership

At Fraîche, our mission is to curate a menu that not only satisfies but also inspires. We believe that food should be a source of joy and nourishment, and Breads Bakery perfectly aligns with this philosophy. By incorporating Breads Bakery’s exceptional products into our menu, we are bringing the best of NYC’s bakery scene directly to your office.

We’re proud to offer Breads Bakery’s fresh and flavorful items, ensuring that every bite you take is a testament to quality and tradition. From their flaky croissants and rich pastries to their hearty breads and savory delights, Breads Bakery adds a special touch to our curated selection of meals and snacks.


The Story Behind the Bakery

Breads Bakery was founded by Gadi Peleg, who envisioned a bakery that combines the best of European and Israeli baking traditions. The bakery’s master baker, Uri Scheft, brought this vision to life with his expertise and passion. Breads Bakery has flourished, creating a community of bakers and food lovers who share a love for exceptional bread and pastries.

Their dedication to quality extends beyond the bakery itself. Breads Bakery is committed to sustainability and supporting local farmers and producers. This ethos aligns perfectly with Fraîche’s own commitment to sustainability and local sourcing, making our partnership even more meaningful.

What This Means for You: NYC’s favorite bakery now available at Fraîche

All Fraîche fridges now have some of the best lunches Breads Bakery has to offer, including their infamous tuna salad platter as well as the crudités with their insanely good hummus.

We are incredibly excited to bring Breads Bakery to our Fraîche fridges and share their incredible products with you. This partnership represents a blend of tradition and innovation, bringing the best of NYC’s lunch scene to your office.

Stay tuned for more delicious updates and be sure to try our new offerings from Breads Bakery. Here’s to many more delightful moments and mouthwatering bites!

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